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Un nomade. Per seguire il padre geologo, la famiglia di Kim, nato a Londra nel 1979, ha girovagato in tutto il mondo: prima in Ecuador e poi ai Caraibi e in Africa. Da questa infanzia da globetrotter, Kim ha mutuato il suo interesse per la diversità: tra culture, mondi, persone, un tema spesso presente nelle sue collezioni a partire dal debutto con il marchio omonimo nel 2002, dopo il diploma alla Central Saint Martins.

Domenico Bodega, Professor of Organization Theory and Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Catholic University in Milan, was a respondent at one of the sessions I did for a group of 150 private sector corporate big wigs in Milan. I spoke about Reset and the need for adaptive leadership in the current reality.Selfishly, of course, I do not want Italy to adapt too much or too quickly. I love it there in part because of those eccentricities, such as the values on food and family and relationships, which permit me to relax as soon as I land at the airport in Rome.The challenge for Italy is the challenge that we all face in adaptation, in thriving under uncertaintyDo we have the courage, and the skill, to separate the essential from the expendable?Can we make good, tough choices about of all that we value, what to keep and what to leave behind?Can Italy preserve what makes it so special and move away from those practices and norms which are holding it back, as it responds to the growth pressure from the European Union and from its own citizens, and its reliance on exports and tourism?Sembra incredibile che perfino un uomo come Berlusconi, esperto di ogni tipo di comunicazione e da sempre nemico del comunismo, non si sia reso conto di ciò che è avvenuto in Italia nel giorno dell’avvento di Matteo Renzi.

1. AJ Philips (Tues), you say, ‘All the sophistry in the world won’t make atheism a religion’ and then you refused to read the rest of the article in which I defined my understanding of religion and worldview. Your refusal to read the article sounds awfully like a closed mind, yet you still interacted with others who had read the article! Andy Bannister disagrees with you.

Times, Sunday Times (2014) Crack one of the eggs into a cup and pour into one of the gaps. The Sun (2016)And again that conceptual cracking of glass. Travers, P L What the Bee Knows reflections on myth, symbol and story (1989)Are you being honest about cracks beginning to show? The Sun (2011)I watched some of the rest of the ceremony through a crack in a curtain and I loved it.

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