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Una sensazione incredibile perché sono andata a Trieste senza sapere cosa aspettarmi. Il mio intento principale era portare le storie che sto cercando di raccontare da un’altra parte del mondo. Il mio lavoro è molto personale e intimo, fortemente radicato nella coscienza collettiva e ha a che vedere con i tabù sulla razza e sull’identità della quindi non avevo idea di come sarebbe stato accolto..

Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, winner of the prestigious Peabody Award, was co produced with Paul Barnes and aired on PBS in November 1999. This dual biography tells the story of the two women who almost single handedly created and spearheaded the women’s rights movement in America, changing for the better the lives of a majority of American citizens.

The ballad is a songs, a very popular song in England, Ireland and Scotland in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: this literary genre is characterized by the love contrast between a shepherdess and a suitor (a shepherd boy, or as in this case , a gentleman of passage) often with an erotic or spicy allusive background. The textual versions are quite similar and describe the same story: while a rustic but very pretty shepherdess is herding her flock, a young man spy and courting her; the song is then developed on the model of a pastoral contrast, with him who trying to seduce her and she escapes, knowing full well that she would never become his bride, because of their social difference. In reality the young maidens who wandered through the countryside and the woods were easy prey (more or less consensual) of the men and often these ballads ended with the announcement of unfortunate pregnancies.(see more).

Antoine Roca possiede un’impresa di trasporti di famiglia, ma la scarsità delle commesse e la tassazione eccessiva lo portano al fallimento. Il suo commercialista gli comunica l’unica buona notizia, riceverà 16000 euro vendendo quote di CO2 ad un’altra impresa meno virtuosa sull’emissione del gas nocivo. Vessato dal ricco suocero Aron Goldstein, anche a tavola, durante lo shabbat, di fronte a moglie e figlio, Antoine decide di elaborare il suo complesso piano delinquenziale a discapito del sistema fiscale francese ed europeo.

We arrived in Xuzhou to close to 6pm. Michelle, our Xuzhou guide (?, rep?, contact? not exactly sure what her title is but she seems to be our person here). She ushered us all onto a bus to our hotel Ji Hotel, which is new and looks like an Ikea showroom.

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