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A short time, and coming back again. Note that the verb trip is not used with this meaning. An excursion is a short trip made either as a tourist or in order to do a particular thing. The Sun (2011)Random killings are common in the battle between Mexico’s security services and the drug cartels. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The Wiltshire coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing after his death last November. The Sun (2009)Honour killings are common in Pakistan, though it is unusual for the attack to happen in a public place.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)The network has been hit by staff shortages and one of the most bitter industrial disputes in years. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They claim the disputes are about pay, conditions and passenger safety. The Sun (2016)Their argument that the dispute with Southern is about safety is bogus.

Si raffredda la cessione di Guala Closures. Secondo quanto indicato da Reuters, sarebbe in fase di stallo perch Marco Giovannini, presidente, amministratore delegato e azionista dell attiva nelle chiusure per bevande alcoliche, bibite, vino, olio, farmaceutica, cosmetica e del pet, non convinto delle offerte. Gli azionisti hanno affidato un mandato a Credit Suisse e Barclays per valutare le opzioni strategiche.

I Fleshtones incarnano alla perfezione la purezza del rock Il suo spirito più genuino e scanzonato, la leggerezza gioiosa, l ad un carnevale perenne ed il piacere di fare musica assieme. Non è forse la parola esatta, ma è la prima che mi viene in mente. Dopo il pogo allegro di quella prima volta, per questo secondo rendez vous avevo pensato (mi ero illuso più che altro) di poter gli attempati newyorkesi con quel minimo di distacco critico che fa sempre parte del mio bagaglio quando entro in un live club.

Let explore: Rather than squelching toddlers and preschoolers curiosity, redirect it if necessary: can do that, but you can do this! If they want to know what happens when they turn the juice carton upside down, let them play outside with cups and a jug of water. If they want to know what it like to draw on walls, make some bathtub paint and set them loose in the tub. Take kids on nature walks and follow their pace as they stop to dig in the dirt, look at bugs, pick up leaves and hunt for.

The basal ganglia can function exceedingly well without conscious thought in any routine activity. In contrast, working memory fatigues easily and can hold only a limited amount of information “on line” at any one time. Therefore, any activity conducted repetitively (to the point of becoming a habit) will tend to get pushed down into the basal ganglia, the habit center part of the brain.

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